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All my life I have grown up around food, cooking, and entire conversations with my family revolving around the subject of food. Sounds crazy when you think about it, but many nights have been spent at the dinner table, talking about recipes or restaurants or even the next nights dinner all while drinking wine and still sitting in front of the present meal. I slightly recall a Christmas Eve, where the recipe for broccoli Rabe was disputed. At this time, I just thought the adults around me were ridiculous. We were talking about broccoli, how complicated could it really be? But, not until recently did I realize that food for my family and a lot of Italian families is oh so important. Recipes and the way things were prepared were not just food, but tradition. Cooking is not just cooking its more of an event.

As a young Italian American woman now at 25, I am surrounded by my mother, Aunts and Uncles all who know exactly what they are doing in the kitchen. So along the way, I have been able to pick up some of their tricks. Along with some of their recipes, I have also stolen a couple from restaurants and tv shows. My Family Cucina is a celebration of my family, Italian familes everywhere, and for those young women who have not let the world of eating-out and frozen foods take over and actually enjoy cooking.

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  1. Tom Lanzilotti permalink
    July 28, 2010 4:23 pm


    I love the picture of you and “mommy!” Best of luck with the blog, it is a great idea! It’s a fantastic way to have everybody share stories of their families’ traditions and memories, many of which center around the food we prepare daily.

    Much love & well wishes,

  2. Dan Colaiezzi permalink
    July 28, 2010 5:51 pm

    Awesome blog Lauren. Sitting around the table, eating, telling stories, and carrying on during holidays and Sunday dinners is always a great time. Unfortunately even a lot of young Italian people don’t appreciate this anymore. We always try to have at least Sunday dinner at my place, and people think it is weird that 3 bachelors would cook such elaborate meals. For us though, it is normal. What’s a Sunday without a big pot of gravy, macaroni, meatballs, sausage and nice jug of home made wine?

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